Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Patterns to Get You Started

It is 2011 and a brand New Year! New things are happening and I am looking forward to continuing with the Ornament Society this year!

To get people started with ideas on what to make for ornaments, I have decided to create a post for those needing help deciding what to make first. Remember, if you would like to join (and I hope you do)! Please leave a comment with your email address and I will email you the information ASAP! If you want that comment deleted after I send you the info, just say you want it deleted and I will be happy to delete it for you when I have the chance!

Now onto the patterns:

This is a snowflake pattern that is easy for beginner crocheters and fast to make. I love to make it in worsted weight yarn and a H hook because I don't work with thread as easily as some others.

For those wanting a fun variety of snowflake patterns try the free directory at Crochet Pattern Central. Here is the link to the snowflakes:

For those wanting just a different variety of crocheted ornaments:

I won't leave the knitters out either, here is a link to the ornaments from Knitting Pattern Central, you have to scroll through to find them since it is mixed in with a bunch of other Christmas things:

For those NOT into knitting or crochet (hope you didn't forget you could participate too! I am just more of a crocheter than anything else), here is a link to a website that has links to many cute ornament ideas! These are tutorials that don't require knitting or sewing but are so fun I'd thought I'd share:

Remember that the ornaments you make don't have to be Christmas related at all it is done with the spirit of giving without receiving in mind. You can make your ornaments plain or fancy, big or small. None of it matters as long as it is done with the spirit of giving!

For the rest of January my idea for a theme is ornaments related to WINTER. Think snowflakes, mini hats, sleds, mittens, ect. You get the idea!

 Then from February 1st until February 14th the theme would and could still be winter but with VALENTINE'S DAY in mind. For that think hearts and red, pink, and white colored ornaments.

Until next time!

Grace and Peace be with you all,

Lilly (administrator)

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