Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Coming soon- Free Ornament crochet pattern

I am in the process of making a crochet star ornament pattern. It will hopefully be up here on Monday! I am pretty excited about it! There will hopefully be more patterns for ornaments and I hoping I might even be able to do tutorials about making ornaments out of paper. It is going to be very fun!

Is there any certain ornament you would like me to try to design? Leave a comment telling me what. Keep in mind I can only design crochet patterns because I don't have that much experience in knitting or sewing.

I have already made an ornament for my first drop as part of this society, I am just on the lookout for a good place to put it. I am can hardly wait!

Grace and peace,

Lilly (administrator)


  1. I have my first ornament made, too, just need to decide where to put it! It's a snowflake, one of Snowcatcher's designs. I love crocheting snowflakes and bells from thread, though I haven't found many patterns for bells that I like yet. In other words, a bell would be wonderful! I'm also working on a small thread teddy bear, can't wait to finish him!
    Thank you for doing this, Lilly!

  2. That is wonderful TurtleDoveCoo! I can't wait to see what your ornament looks like! I will try to make a bell, but I am new to designing patterns so it might not be for awhile!


  3. What other methods do you have of making ornaments? I cant crochet...

  4. Humphrey-

    As long as it is handmade, any ornament is welcome. Over the years I have seen ornaments made out of ribbon and shaped like bows or flowers, candy canes and angels made out of paper and beads, reindeer or santa claus made out of clay, and ect. The ideas or endless! You can make ornaments out of anything! Have fun and enjoy yourself!

    Hope this helps you!